Urbane Digital Consulting

In today’s fast-paced world, one internet trend is clear: the emergence of the mobile web.  More people are using their smart phones on a daily basis for shopping, browsing, and researching products and services they intend to buy.  Smart businesses will capitalize on this trend to find an entirely new way to market themselves more effectively, get new customers, and increase their market share.

Urbane Digital can provide your business with not only a great mobile website, but a rock solid performing desktop site. We specialize in maximizing your exposure through intense and effective search engine optimization and audience targeted content development. We don’t just employ talented software developers, but also have superb content writers, graphic designers and marketing specialists. In today’s competitive internet world, it takes the whole package to gain ground in business.

Mobile sites drive growth to small businesses hands down.  Investing in a customized mobile website is a smart move, because your customers are increasingly more mobile.  Today’s consumers use their smart phones frequently, purposefully, and with a high expectation of seeing a mobile friendly site at load time.

Mobile websites need to be mobile friendly.  Your desktop website is just that: a website designed to be viewed on a computer.  A mobile phone screen is small and needs a specialized website for your customers to view it correctly and accurately.  Using a desktop website on mobile device is like squeezing a round peg into the square hole!

Mobile consumers take immediate action, so keep it fast and quick!  When your customers view your site on a mobile device, they are more likely to act immediately.  They are on-the-go and in search of your business.  They want to be able to find answers to their questions quickly and efficiently.