4 Hour Mini Consultation and Training Sessions

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From 10/15/2013 through 12/15/2013, Urbane Digital Consulting is offering 4 hour mini consultation and training sessions at a highly discounted rate.  The prices for the 4 hour sessions are $199 for remote consultation/training and $249 for on site visits.  Our developers and IT professionals will get you up to speed with new technologies, walk you through anything you are struggling with, train employees, and just about everything else in between.  It’s up to you, just tell us what you are looking for and we can pair you with the right individual to meet your needs.  Here’s a sampling of what we can cover in the session:


  • Windows Operating System Administration
  • Mac OSX Operating System Administration
  • Linux Operating System Administration
  • Setting up a bomb proof backup system
  • Setting up a web server
  • Setting up a software development environment
  • Source Control for software development
  • Discovery and estimates for new projects
  • Business development
  • Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  • You name it!