Google Maps For iOS 6

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I chose to make the upgrade to iOS 6 without flinching last month on my iPhone, but much to my dismay Google maps was no longer present.  Instead, a new contender was there in its place called “Apple Maps”.  At first I was impressed with the new features of this application, including real time voice commands for turn by turn directions.  This was amazing, except that the app was giving me turn by turn directions to the wrong location entirely.  I quickly abandoned the application for the clunky mobile web version of Google Maps, which was better than getting the wrong route from Apple Maps.  They really dropped the ball on this one to say the least.  Oh well, Google Maps is finally back for iOS 6, so go grab it and move the Apple Maps icon to the furthest screen right possible.  It would be better if you could delete it, but Apple won’t entertain that ability.