Google Apps Email and Voice For Small Business

Posted on Posted in Cloud Computing, Google Apps, Mobile Devices

Google has an excellent email system in place for small businesses, which will cost you only $5 per user every month.  This plan gets each user in your organization 25 GB of storage, access to calendaring, Google Docs, and the ability to easily attach and sync a mobile device.  In my honest opinion, this solution is just about the best thing going for cloud based email.  But, in addition to their top notch email service, you can get a free Google voice number for each member of your organization to boot.  Google voice is an awesome service that not only includes voice mail in mp3 format straight to your inbox, but it actually transcribes the voice message into human readable text as well!  It’s not flawless by any means, but beats paying for VOIP for each of your employees.  There are also a host of Apps for Smartphones, like Talkatone, which allow you to make calls from your phone via a wireless network or 3G/4G using your Google voice phone number.  If you are looking to save a little money and not sacrifice great amenities, give Google Apps For Business a try.